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1950 Photo of Northampton County Seed Company

Northampton County Seed Company Inc. was created out of a dream held by Agnes & Harry Walker. These two people, my parents, dreamed of a seed business where customers could buy seeds, fertilizer, and chemicals. But the dream went beyond this. They wanted a seed business where the customer would gain knowledge and advice to go along with the seed, fertilizer and chemicals. The business would be more than simply a trading place for goods. Northampton County Seed would be a business where the customer and his needs came first. 

The dream that started in 1950 continues today. 
When the business came into being, we were a farm seed company. We sold corn, wheat, soybeans, barley and alfalfa seed to the farm community. There were no subdivisions, no housing developments, and no malls. Once you left Allentown, Bethlehem or Easton, there were only farm fields. As a result, we served the farm community. 

The business did not start to change until the early 1970's when the first explosion of housing developments and population migration to the Lehigh Valley began. As farms disappeared and homes began to appear in their place, Northampton County Seed adapted to that change. Lawn seed, lawn fertilizer, weed and feed, crabgrass controls, and insect controls for homeowners, landscapers, municipal customers, and school districts began to comprise the majority of our business base and our source of income. While we have changed our product line and our customer base, our philosophy did not change. The customer and the needs of that customer come first. 

Who built Northampton Seed? 
Is has been Harry and Agnes Walker. It has been Doug and Kathy Walker. It has been Alan Kline and Ed Stout. It has been all the chemical and seed representatives over the years. Most of all, the people who built Northampton Seed are you, our customers. You have been the backbone of our business. You made Northampton Seed successful by your business, faith and trust in us and our products.


Meet Doug


Douglas Walker, President, A life long (lawn) resident of Nazareth, PA. Doug grew up (literally) in the seed business. With his mother and father starting Northampton Seed in 1950, Doug has been around seed and seedy characters his whole life. Doug's knowledge of seed and seed related issues helps him deal with issues from commercial turf to residential lawns. Doug came into the business in 1973. He became President in 1986. 


Have A Great Day!
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