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Call or submit your questions to get expert answers on out greening your neighbors lawn!

Ready for flip-flops, warm weather, sunshine,
blooming flowers, birds singing, and GREEN GRASS!

Where Lush Lawns Begin.

Welcome back to the good old days of customer service!

Northampton County Seed Company is not a place where a time machine exists. We cannot return you to the days of The Lone Ranger, Dick Clark, Captain Kangaroo or Lassie. (Yes, we are dating ourselves!) If you want to come to a business where the customer comes first, where your concerns and questions are respectfully listened to and to receive honest answers to those questions, we are the seed business to come to. 


We have the experience you deserve. We have been here since 1950 and have the turf products you can depend on, along with the knowledge and service you need to improve your lawn. Most of all, we do this knowing that without you, Northampton County Seed would not be in business. 


Seasonal Specials for Spring and Summer

Here we are highlighting some of our preferred Spring items...

Product List

People call us all the time asking, "What do you handle? The better question could be asked "What do we not handle?" This section will guide you as to what we sell in the way of turf and non- turf items. Most of our products are lawn related or farm related items. Since we are open during the winter months to keep us busy we also sell rock salt and wood pellets. Look at our product list. If there are other items that we do not stock we will see if we can supply the product for you.


Lawn Care Secrets

We all want a beautiful lawn. How to get a beautiful lawn takes work and knowledge. Everyone has the ability to properly care for their lawn. The key is the knowledge to know what product to apply at the proper time of the year. This is why we have the lawn care secrets. They are not really secrets. It is just our 60 years of lawn seed and lawn experience written down in an easy to understand format that you the homeowner, landscaper, lawn care operator can follow. You have the ability to create a better lawn. We just are giving you the knowledge to do so. ​


Custom Grass Seed Mixture

One of our strong suits here at Northampton County Seed is the ability to custom blend grass seed mixes. We do this both for our wholesale and retail customers. We have two seed blenders that can mix the seed for us. We have a small seed mixture that can blend up to 500 lbs of seed in one blend. We have a bigger seed mixer that can blend one ton of seed at a time. 


We will blend custom blend seed mixes for both the retail or wholesale customer. Our request is the the seed order has to be at least 400 lbs of seed or more to be blended. This is makes it worthwhile to us to blend the seed.


Doug's Turf

Wholesale Info


lawn care contractor


wholesale pricing 


Other Notes of Interest

We have experienced numerous requests from our customers to stock more organic fertilizers. To respond to this need, we will be handling an organic 7-2-0 lawn fertilizer as well as all-organic foods for plants, roses, gardens and trees. These may be used instead of our inorganic fertilizers. The Espoma Company, maker of Holly Tone fertilizer, is supplying us with its products.


If you wish to go the organic route, we will be happy to guide you to the proper lawn or garden product.

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